PHP - Symfony2

Fremwork available for you and your company.


Java SE 7

Technology within your reach.


.Net Framework

Microsoft technology for you.


We are happy to carry out all your ideas!

We provide comprehensive IT solutions for both small and big companies. We specialize in carrying out IT projects from A to Z. Using fresh technologies and basing on the broad experience of our specialists, we will carry out your project throughout all the phases of its accomplishment.

Thanks to agile methodologies of carrying out projects our clients are always welcome to have an impact on and influence the shape of their projects in all the stages of their creation.

Why should you trust us?

  • 5 years of experience
  • Team of experts taking part in international projects
  • Newest technologies chosen for you
  • Reliability and diligence
  • You have got an insight into our work on each stage of the project!